As a freelance writer, David Napier has written about everything from international cooperatives in Latin America to professional sports to Indian Residential Schools.  His reporting has taken him from the top of the United Nations to the barrios of the Dominican Republic, from the poet Pablo Neruda’s houses in Chile to Native reserves in northern Ontario.  Napier has been nominated for two National Magazine Awards and received a Canadian Journalism Fellowship (2001-02). 

A selection of articles:

Sins of the Fathers

by David Napier, published in the Anglican Journal
Ben Pratt is squeezing a dirty old baseball cap between his beefy fingers. We are seated in a small room in the sparkling new administrative building on the Gordon Indian Reserve in Punnichy, ... [continue reading]

Building on the past

by David Napier, published in the Anglican Journal
Trudging through mud so thick that it threatens to suck the shoes right off my feet, I make my way across a bustling construction site on the shores of Pelican Lake near Sioux Lookout, Ont ... [continue reading]

Ottawa experimented on Native kids

by David Napier, published in the Anglican Journal
The federal government denied basic dental care and experimented with the diets of Native children in order to study the effects of Vitamin C and fluoride treatment. The controlled experiment ... [continue reading]

An Affair of the Heart

by David Napier, published in the Citizen's Weekly
After decades in Los Angeles, celebrated film director Daniel Petrie returns home to Canada to make the movies that matter most to him. [Read article, PDF]

Bully pulpit

by David Napier, published in Toronto Life
In four years, Father Thomas Rosica turned a disorganized, renegade congregation into a vibrant religious community. He made more than a few enemies along the way. [Read article, PDF]

Lovely Rita Ratings Queen

by David Napier, published in Saturday Night
Finally, Rita MacNeil's audiences are the biggest thing about her [Read article, PDF]

The clothing industry's dirty little secret

by David Napier, published in the National Post
Clothes no-one buys often end up in a landfill. One Toronto charity is aiming to change that. [Read article, PDF]

Something fishy

by David Napier, published in Saturday Night
There are still lots of ways for fishermen to get rich, most of them illegal [Read article, PDF]

The last laugh

by David Napier, published in Canadian Business
Salter Street Films - the Halifax-based production company behind the hit comedy This Hour Has 22 Minutes - has gone public. But will founder Michael and Paul Donovan be able to keep investors as happy as they've kept TV viewers? [Read article, PDF]

New York - Robert MacNeil's New Chapter

by David Napier, published in Canadian Magazine
Good fortune and great writing are the bookends between which the life of Canadian-born journalist Robert MacNeil can be placed. [Read article, PDF]

Huddling Against The Sea

by David Napier, published in Outpost
Pablo Neruda loved the sea so much that he used a piece of wood washed ashore near his house as a desk. Years after his death, Neruda's writings still draw people from around the world to Chile and the seaside residences where he penned the works that both inspired and enraged millions. [Read article, PDF]

Man of Steel

by David Napier, published in The Financial Post Magazine
After two decades in the airline business, tough Newfoundland deal maker Harry Steele has just become chairman of beleaguered Canadian Airlines. [Read article, PDF]

Louise Fréchette Mission Possible

by David Napier, published in EnRoute
The UN is in dire need of repair and this Canadian is fixing it [Read article, PDF]

Front page courage - Who expected such journalistic daring from the Anglican Journal?

by John Fraser, published in the National Post
A review of David Napier's article entitled "The Sins of the Fathers" [Read article, PDF]

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