How long has Napier Communications Inc. been in business?

The business was launched in October of 1994.

Has NCI been running continuously since that time?

Yes. But there were two intentional pauses: in 2001, I was awarded a Southam Journalism Fellowship (since renamed the Canadian Journalism Fellowships), which took me to the University of Toronto for an academic year; and I worked, for a time, as the chief speech writer for the Mayor of Ottawa, Bob Chiarelli.

Your website says "we" when referring to NCI. Is that the royal "we" or the literal "we"?

Napier Communications began as a sole proprietorship but has grown into an incorporated business. I usually work alone. That said, I frequently tap into the talents of others, including fellow writers, as well as gifted editors, graphic designers, and translators. Whenever a subcontractor is going to be used, I notify the client in advance and guarantee the quality of the work.

Where is NCI based?

My studio-office is in Halifax, N.S., although I have blend of local and national clients.

So where is NCI headed?

With NCI, the goal remains constant: to work with good people who appreciate the art and impact of storytelling. Whether it's a client or co-worker, when there is mutual respect and trust, all the other pieces fall nicely into place.

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